A Recap of the Successful Event at Manamoui Center


We are delighted to report the successful execution of the community event, hosted by TCRC at the Manamoui Center. Our sincere appreciation extends to Tony Puloka for leading us in a moment of prayer.

On behalf of the Tongan Community Resource Center and Voice of South Pacific, we express profound gratitude to Vicky Navarro, the King County Community Coordinator, for collaborating with us, alongside President Tuivai and the TCRC team, in orchestrating our inaugural Tongan Community Event. This initiative served a diverse audience, encompassing not only the Tongan community but also Pacific Islanders, Latinos, Iraqis, Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Filipinos, and other minority groups, resulting in a resounding success that exceeded our initial expectations. We are especially grateful to the attendees who traveled from near and far, including Lynwood and Bremerton, seizing the valuable opportunities presented.

Our heartfelt thanks extend to the owners of the Manamoui Center, Tony and Salote L Puloka, for generously providing us with their beautiful venue and contributing to the success of our community event. Additionally, we extend our gratitude to Sili Kalepo, the Leader of King County Navigator, the City of Burien, Brenda Kelek from King County Public Health, Alinda Alik from PI Health Board, the King County Sheriff’s Department, Legal representatives, Free Cell Phone providers, and numerous other vendors, including PI HEALTH BOARD, who dedicated their time and efforts to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals in all communities abroad.

Your collective contributions have not only enriched our event but have also made a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve. We appreciate your commitment to community well-being and look forward to future collaborations that continue to uplift and empower our diverse community.

Our next event will take place on December 9 at the Manamoui Center.


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